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College Plan Coach Services and Packages


Think of college planning as a series of events that start at an early age (what we learn is built upon the foundation of what we already know), and those events speed up in high school. College planning accelerates to a fast pace in the junior year, while the senior year is time for applications, financial aid, deadlines, and deposits. Just as a marathon runner doesn’t use all the body’s energy when the gun sounds, sound college planning happens over time. A runner paces his steps and strategizes to put his best strengths forward. College planning is a marathon with a goal of doing one’s personal best. College planning takes time, patience, and a willingness to look deeply to discover what makes a star shine. It’s about finding fits, rewriting, and revising.




Independent Educational Consultants often use packages to help students and their families discover the variety of educational paths available and what will work best. That could mean reaching for a branded school or searching for educational values. One purpose of the package is to ensure college planning unfolds over time with multiple points of advisement and assistance. It allows the consultant to develop a relationship with students and parents and to assist them in areas where they need the most help. Packages also reduces the cost for parents as hourly rates are lower within packages than when priced separately.

Sometimes all parents/student need is the sprint – just a few questions? I’m available to answer questions and explain college admission processes. I bill in quarter-hour increments at a rate of $40/quarter hour. When students/parents need only a bit of advice to pull their college plan together, the quarter hour billing is designed to help.


Packaged Services


College Consultation Service:

5 Hour minimum package purchase with payment in advance. For the student/family who has done most of the work and needs minimal essay assistance, additional college list assistance, application review, or other services. All parent/student phone calls, text messages and emails are included in billing per hour.

Middle School/Early High School College Planning Package – 8th, 9th and 10th grade:

Designed for younger student/parents wanting to discuss preliminary college plans and review course/ activity plans. 3 Hour Minimum; Package includes: Review of academic record, High school course selection, Standardized testing options, Extracurricular or summer activities, and How to make high school count. All parent/student phone calls, text messages, and emails are included in the hourly billing

College Plan Coach Admissions Package: Junior/Senior Year – (30 hours)

The College Plan Coach Package takes the student/family through the many steps in the college search and college application process. Coaching can begin June after the Sophomore year or anytime through the junior year (earlier is better). Parents will be apprised of hours and when reaching 30 hours. Package includes research, meetings, texts, emails and telephone communications. Includes: Parent/Student Interviews, Academic Counseling/Assessment of High School Transcript, ACT/SAT Testing Schedule and strategies to improve scores, College list recommendations based upon student/family needs/values, Career goal setting, Assistance mapping out College Visits, Interview prep, Assistance determining final College List, Resume building, Essays – brainstorming, edits, and review, Reviewing and proofreading all college applications, Organizing college and financial aid materials, College affordability and financial aid guidance, Help with final decision making after acceptance letters have been received, Transition to college. All parent/student phone calls, text messages, and emails are included in the hourly calculation

College Plan Coach Comprehensive – (Up to 40 hours) For the student who needs more time. Same offerings as the College Plan Coach Package but allows for up to 40 hours of work.

Senior Fast-Trak Program Package (Up to 20 hours): 7 Hour minimum package for hourly consultation purchase with payment in advance. For the student who started college planning in the senior year. This accelerated package aids the student/family to quickly build school lists, applications, essays, and resumes. Provides same services offered in the College Plan Coach Package, but the schedule is condensed and focuses on student needs. All parent/student phone calls, text messages, and emails are included in the hourly calculation.

Re-Package for Overage Hours:

✎ 5 hours add on package

✎ 10 hours add on package

This is for the client who needs the extra time and would like additional packaged time at a cost savings.

Need something else? Contact me and we can package what works for you!


Services includes

✎  Finding Colleges that fit the student
✎  Recommendations for SAT/ACT prep and tutoring
✎  Financial Aid & Scholarship
✎  Exploration of potential majors and career options
✎  Suggestions for extra-curricular and community service activities
✎  Writing essays and personal statements
✎  Essay organizing, brainstorming, development, revision, and improvement
✎  Brag sheet/resume development
✎  College Applications
✎  Interview preparation
✎  Assistance with final college decision


My goal is to assist families through the transition from high school to college. I emphasize assist because colleges expect students to take the lead. I do too! That’s the student’s role in college. The future starts now.


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