College Plan Coach


Welcome to College Plan Coach! Glad you visited. This site is dedicated to helping parents, students, and adults find information about planning for college. You might want to take a few classes, earn a certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or even go to graduate school. This website helps. I focus on college planning for the 98% who don’t attend the most competitive colleges in the nation.

College planning is as unique as each person. Some students will spend lots of time searching for a college that feels perfect. That great because college will be the central focus of life for the next few years. Others students will need to fit college into an already busy schedule – work, family, community. Some students will be comfortable in a large city while others prefer a rural setting. Some students thrive on a campus with 30,000 other students while others excel on a campus with only a few thousand students.

There’s no one path and certainly no right path to college. The truth is colleges are changing to respond to needs. There are more and more class offerings on nights and weekends. Online classes have exploded in growth. Competency-based is a new model – demonstrate knowledge and receive credit.

Use this site to explore what works for you with college choices. Ask questions on the comments section. Let me know what you need to know. The most important aspect in learning about college is that you become a wise consumer of higher education. You will be investing time, energy, and money in the process. You don’t want to waste your time! I can help.