Author: Kira Janene Holt

Kira writes about college planning and has spent thirty-five years in education. She’s worked at two universities, one private and one public, helping students transition from high school to college. She’s taught middle and high school English. Prior to her retirement to focus on writing, she spent eighteen years working for one of the two college entrance exams. You’ll have to see if you can guess which one because she tries to stay neutral.

During her years in educational testing, she worked with high school and middle school counselors, school administrators, college administrators, parents, and students on issues surrounding college planning and college readiness.

Kira has published books on college planning and sold thousands of copies. Her books are under 20,000 words each, loaded with trusted websites, and are written without confusing education-speak.

Titles are available in paperback as well as Kindle. Schools, nonprofits, and agencies can contact Kira directly for bulk purchases (discounts available). Titles are:

Designing a College Plan Unique to You: A Blueprint for Aspiring Students of Any Age
Cookbook for Getting Your Kid to College
Libro De Cocina para Llevar a Su Hijo a la Universidad
Coaching Your Kid to Success: Helping Tweens & Teens Score College, Career, & Life Skills

You can read more about Kira and her work on her Amazon site at You can also read other works at

Kira has a B.A. in English from Texas State University and Master of Arts in Human Services from St. Edward’s University. She lives outside of Austin, Texas. She has presented at regional and national conferences on college planning. Please contact for a list of topics.