Baylor University (  hosts the best Student Welcome Center I’ve ever visited. Those working at the center truly make students feel as if they’re glad potential students have arrived. There’s free parking in front, and the welcome center, located on campus, is convenient and easy to find. Open-air tour buses wait in the parking lot to take students deep into the 1,000 acre campus. Warm cookies, drinks – I felt like a valued client of a nice hotel. There were even admission reps sitting and chatting with students in the lobby. I watched and they looked as if they listened intently to the students’ words. All in all, the most vital admission office I’ve visited. And the young man who helped me was eager to please and his eyes shined with love for Baylor. He warmed my heart on a cold day.

I’ve walked within the campus many times. It’s Southern architecture and green lawns and abundance of trees combined with mild climate invite one to imagine students lounging on campus, discussing world events and reading great works. Undergraduate enrollment is 14,000+ so it’s a big campus with lots of students walking about. On past visits, I’ve had students stop and ask if they could help me find where I needed to go – I must have looked lost and everyone was polite.

I can’t say Baylor is for everyone. I’m old and remember when it was a big deal that Baylor announced campus dances would be allowed. It’s a Baptist College! I had a friend expelled in the way back when, as editor of the school paper, he spoke out in favor of Playboy’s Girls of the Southwest Conference edition. It’s a conservative college with conservative values. Students take chapel during their freshman year and attendance is mandatory. for chapel information.  (As an aside, my dad attended OK Baptist Univ. for two semesters and when he transferred to Tulsa University, he had a negative credit balance for missing chapel so often.)

Located in Waco, Texas, the campus is close to Austin, Dallas, Houston, and College Station (TX A&M). Waco’s recent claim to fame it the HGTV reality television series Fixer Upper, and Chip and Joanna Gaines seem to have made Waco a destination spot- beyond it’s nationally recognized university. Waco is located along the Brazos River, as were the first buildings of Baylor, close to Independence, TX, making Baylor the oldest continually open college in Texas. Waco’s population is over 234,000, a mid-sized city by Texas standardized.

Baylor accepts about 55% of applicants. ACT Composite mid-range score was 24 to 30, and SAT Composite was 1200 to 1390. The student-faculty ratio is 15:1, and average class size is 26. 91% of undgraduate classes are taught by Baylor professors. 33% of freshmen class come from outside of Texas and 92 countries are represented.

A list of majors and minors can be found at and Baylor currently offers nine pre-professional programs although student must also declare a major. Baylor offers several honors programs 1/3 of students study abroad and global mission trips are also offered.

Baylor works to prepare students for life after college through their career and professional development, which also offers student internships. The Paul L. Foster Success Center offers tutoring, instruction, advising, and learning accommodations for students needing assistance.

When it comes to sports, Baylor has much to offer by participating in seventeen Division 1 Athletics (7 men & 10 women). The new football stadium is on the north end of campus, and Baylor Bears have won the Big 12 Football Conference in recent years. I remember walking around campus one day and seeing the Baylor Bear mascot’s home. I know the bear doesn’t come to games any longer, but I don’t know if he still lives on campus. There are 26 club sports and 20 intramural sports. There’s an active Greek society. And if none of that’s of interest, there are over 300 clubs and organizations to join.

Tuition for 2017 -18 was $39,612. With fees and room & board, the total cost was $56,630. Check out the net price by using their need estimator at Single Choice Application Deadline is December 1. Early Action Deadline is November 1. Regular Application Deadline is February 1.

What do others say about Baylor?

U.S. News & World Report ranks Baylor No. 71 on their annual review of national colleges and universities.

Kiplinger’s 2017 list of Best Values in Private Colleges ranks Baylor as No. 64 in the nation.

The Fiske Guide to Colleges lists Baylor University a “Best Buy” for 2017.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) recognized Baylor University as one of the top performing colleges and universities in 2015.

Visit for a list of accolades and awards.