Undergraduate enrollment 30,600. Total enrollment over 50,000. In-state tuition for 2017 $9700. Out of state $23,500. Total cost of attendance for in-state was 23,744 for 2016-17 and $37,048 for out-of-state. Rolling admission and $60.00 application fee. Acceptance rate was 64%.  http://www.uta.edu/admissions/

Arlington is located between Dallas and Ft. Worth and just a few miles from campus are the stadiums for both the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. A Six Flags Amusement park is within eyeshot of both stadiums. I parked on the east side of campus, in one of several multi-level garages which looked freshly built and housed eateries, apartment-style dorms, and shops. Across the street was a center for plays, lectures, and other activities. The area reminded me of a trendy, upscale shopping center with apartment living above the retail establishments.

The campus feel is one that is busy, with a central pedestrian walkway through the main academic area and housing on the east and west ends. While taking the tour, I felt as if we walked from one eating establishment to another. The buildings appeared modern, and the oldest building remaining was built in the early 20th century. There’s housing for approximately 5000 students so there’s a commuter feel and both of my tour guides commuted from home.

Students admitted from the top quarter of their high school class have no minimum ACT/SAT score while those in second quarter averaged 22 ACT/1130 SAT scores. Students applying from the bottom half of their class are admitted under individual review. UT-Arlington also offers a summer bridge program for students who are short of their admission requirements. Students must complete the FAFSA for financial aid and completing a supplemental UTA form puts the student in contention for all institutional scholarships. www.uta.academicworks.com.

UTA is a leader in online coursework and over 50% of students take at least one class online.  UTA is a Level 1 Research institution and Hispanic-serving institution. One tour guide was majoring in engineering and said there were research opportunities for upper classmen. The university is organized into twelve colleges including an honors program. Freshmen enter into University College and branch into other colleges after their first year. Popular majors include health sciences and business. UTA graduated more nurses than any other institution in Texas. Tour guides also stated internships were plentiful with a wealth of businesses in Dallas and Ft. Worth. http://catalog.uta.edu/aboututa/programs/

My impression of the college is that it would be a good fit for a student not needing a collegiate vibe present at campuses with more student housing. There would be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of in the urban setting but students would need to seek out those experiences. Acceptance rate is 60%.

Undergraduate General Application Deadlines:

Fall Semester:                   June 1

Spring Semester:             December 1

Summer Semester:         April 1