Texas Lutheran University is a small, private liberal arts college located in the sleepy town of Seguin, Texas – 35 miles east of San Antonio and 50 miles south of Austin. Approximately 1300 students can choose from 28 majors and 37 minors. TLU participates in Division III sports and approximately a third of students participate in school athletics. Go Bulldogs! I think most students attending will find their entertainment on campus or in the big cities listed above or mid-sized adjacent towns of San Marcos and New Braunfels.

On the campus tour, we walked into a biology lab where the professor was setting up for an upcoming lab. He was open, approachable, engaging, and pleased with the work of his students. When asked what he enjoyed most about his lab, he replied with the great equipment and the small lab size that allowed for interaction with students. He followed us out into the hall to point out winning posters that students had created to showcase their field research from the previous year. Also catching my attention was a note on the door entering the science building that read a plant sale was taking place of plants used in experiments. Part of me thought how nice to recycle plants after their use, but I also couldn’t help but imagining Little Shop of Horrors.

Our tour guide was nice, polite, answered our questions, and seemed to be involved in lots of campus activities. As we moved from building to building, the campus grounds were pretty and well-maintained. I didn’t find the buildings visually exciting or ornate, but that could be keeping with Lutheran tradition.

What I found most interesting in their literature was a directness on the cost of attending along with an academic scholarship grid that is a great tool to guide families with information of approximate merit aid. I think it would be great and transparent if every college published this  Tuition and fees in 2016-17 were $28,910 and total cost for the year was $38,630. Their average SAT score was 1528 on the old 2400 scale.

TLU has a variety of application deadlines and will even accept a few students after their last deadline on a space-available basis. TLU has received national attention from a variety of college ranking systems. From their brochures:

No.2 “Best Regional College” in the West 2016 – U.S. News & World Report rankings

2015 “Best Baccalaureate Colleges” from Washington Monthly College Rankings

2015 Best Western College by The Princeton Review

President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll member since 2012

Great Colleges to Work for by The Chronicle of Higher Education since 2012

Check out all the good things happening at Texas Lutheran University at http://www.tlu.edu/. I think it’s one of those undervalued, hidden college gems providing a quality liberal arts education.

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