College Plan Coach Newsletter July 2015 – College Planning News from Around the Nation

College Plan Coach Newsletter July 2015 – College Planning News from Around the Nation

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College Board SAT Timing Error   You’ve probably heard or read about the timing error in the instructions on the June administration of the SAT. College Board is offering a free retest for students in October as well as standing by the test scores as valid. Read how College Board is addressing the error: Some aren’t satisfied and are pushing for an additional earlier test date for all students who tested via a class action lawsuit. Thought you would like to read both sides of the argument.SAT logo



For-Profit Colleges – Predatory or Educational? I’m not prone to writing personal opinions with regard to college planning, but there are a few exceptions and this article supports my belief. I’ve blasted for-profit colleges in every book I’ve written, believing them to be predatory toward students who can least afford to garner huge student debt structure. I’m not unique in my belief. You don’t have to agree but the article is worth reading.



College Mergers? How students learn and the face of colleges will change more in the next twenty years than they have in the last fifty. This article focuses on how colleges faced with financial challenges, declining enrollment, or other issues merge. Even large public colleges have merged. In my area, University of Texas at Brownsville and University of Texas – Pan Am have joined together to become University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley and the bonus is they will have a medical school.  merger ahead



Career Planning as part of College Planning? Yes, it is! Tips for investigating college majors. Also investigate interests at ACT’s social media website. Take an interest, work-related value, and self-rated ability inventory to learn about career and college majors. Taking the inventory is free with creating an ACT account.



Good Times for Kentucky Education: Rise in College Readiness Across the State The Frank Newman Award for State Innovation recognizes a state for any of the following:



Latino and Native American Student Lack behind in College Readiness According to ACT Data Here’s an article about Latino students and college planning.  Better yet – go to the source to see that data through your eyes.

Here’s the report for Native American student college readiness:




Texas PTA Conference I’ll be speaking on college planning at the Texas PTA Summer Launch conference on July 17 in Dallas. If you’re attending the conference, please look for my session.



I’ve posted this other places but wanted to share with you too. I’ve lost both of my parents in the last seven months, and since last August I’ve spent most waking hours taking care of them while writing when I could grab a few moments. I’m emotionally drained yet thankful for the opportunity to have cared for them. My vision of healing is taking my puppy, Willy, and seeking quiet and peace within the Hopi Nation and along the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon – car camping and writing feelings in a journal. I don’t know if I’ll have Internet. If you don’t hear from me from mid-August to mid-September, picture the monsoon rains washing the earth clean.



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Designing a College Plan Unique to YOU!

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