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Ever read a solicitation for a donation that moves you?  This letter moved me. I’m not sure if it’s more great news and you can send a donation if compelled. It’s the most positive letter I’ve received as long as I can remember. The author focuses on the work Urban Prep High School is doing and the achievements their students have made. In terms of college planning, Urban Prep seems to be doing it right. I took out the Click here to learn more or make a donation but left the author’s email address. What do you think?

I am incredibly proud to inform you that for the sixth consecutive year, 100% of Urban Prep graduates have been admitted to college. We made this announcement during Urban Prep’s College Signing Day assembly where our 260 seniors, all Black males and mostly from low-income families, publicly declared their final college choices; thereby making a collective promise to see their talents and hard-work to and through college.

Urban Prep’s graduating seniors have amassed over $11 million in scholarships to attend over 180 different colleges including Amherst, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Howard, Kenyon, Morehouse, Northwestern, Princeton, Williams and the University of Illinois. Urban Prep’s Class of 2015 set new records as one senior was accepted into four Ivy League colleges and the class has more recipients of the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship than any school in Illinois.
In the face of obstacles in their lives and the overbearing story of failure that looms over young Black males, our students are changing the narrative from one focused on negativity, to a narrative in which academic achievement, intellectual prowess, and college-bound prospects are the new norm. Urban Prep students’ accomplishments are not a fleeting whisper, but rather an enduring roar, drowning out the din of doubt and despair about the future of young Black males in America.

This is what happens when we dare to speak new words of and for our children. This is what happens when we are our Brothers’ Keepers. This is what happens when we change the narrative. This is what happens when–with your continued support–We Believe…100%.


We Believe,

Tim King
Tim King;Founder & CEO

Urban Prep Academies

420 N Wabash, Suite 300

Chicago, IL 60611

312-276-0259, ext. 1111, @timking1

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